The quality of DXN products is always given priority in every single step of production. The recognition of ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and TGA indicates that our products have attained international standards.


Do you want to be with me the part of the European success of the DXN?

I’m looking for committed, experienced leaders in MLM from European countries whom I can open new markets with, start new businesses with in new countries!

Talking about the business, I am not selling the product of my MLM company but offering you my help so that you will be able to make the DXN business.

Naturally, I won’t keep the products of my company in secret, since I joined the business due to the range and quality of its products, chiefly to the coffee. Clicking here you can view the complete list of products sold in Europe.

Join us now!

Why am I so sure that you will be able to make the DXN business too?

me1. Because the online network-building system developed by myself proved in the last three years that it is working in this Internet-world and can be run successfully by anyone.

2. All of my downlines get for free a business-building web-page (exactly the same that can be seen by clicking here) which is exquisitely suitable for online business-building too. This webpage system has already been operating in 20 languages (!), but it is going to be available soon in other languages too.

3. The base of the MLM business is its imitability or “copibility”. The online network building system can be perfectly copied by the help of several tools offered by the webpage as it is not only a webpage but the source of how to run and develop the business too (videomail, video-representations, newsletter management, webconference).

4. The other strategic point of the MLM business is the training system. The automatic recruiting and marketing webpage is not only the part of the online network building system but there is a closed online training system too (also in ten languages) where there are thousands of pages of documentation and hundreds of hours of video and audio material available for my Business Partner for free.

5. Ofcousre, the range of products is also important behind the MLM business, because having a considerable consumer network means turnover, which  provides passive income. The DXN is the market leader among the Ganoderma producers, and its main product is the genoderma coffee, which is a real demand on the market, since 85 % of the adult population is coffee consumer.

To show the most effectively how simple and great this opportunity is, let me represent the video below, which is available self-tailored for you after joining the business.


As long as you are an experienced MLM leader seeking new challenges and a proven, working method with a stable company background even in this hectic, Internet-world, do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

A couple of days ago a fantastic woman, Melody from Belgium, came across this site. She was the first DXN member in Belgium. Now she is the leading network builder in the new Belgium market. Would you like to be the first? Get in touch with me now!

Your success is my mission!

Join us now! 

Click the Image to View Products Information

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