Prevention Starts From Pregnancy

Prevention starts from pregnancy. Despite soon-to-be mothers have to watch their diet during the three trimesters, functional foods are essential to make sure the baby in the womb is well protected and well-developed.

1) GL contains high polysaccharides and organic germanium in nature and this optimizes the mother’s immune system and raises the oxygen level in both the mother and the fetus. This is to ensure the baby is always well-oxygenated and well-protected from dangerous virus that might interfere with the growth of the fetus. Hence in the beginning, mothers are able to take 6 capsules (0-2 weeks of 1st trimester) of GL and slowly increases the dose of GL:

1st trimester (3 to13 weeks):
5 capsules x 2 times (10 capsules in total) daily.

2nd trimester ( 14 to 26 weeks):
5 capsules x 4 times (20 capsules in total) daily.

3rd trimester (27 to 40 Weeks):
5 capsules x 6 times (30 capsules in total) daily.

2) RG is crucial during pregnancy it is classified as it is very powerful in cellular detoxification. This is to ensure the mother eliminates the toxins from time to time before it reaches the womb. So the mother is able to consume up to 6 capsules of RG but for mothers who have never taken RG before, they can begin RG with 1 2 4 6 formula.

3) As I have mentioned in many of my health education, Spirulina is very nutritious and completes our nutrients that are not being able to be obtained from our daily diet. Thus, spirulina is significant and able to provide enough different kinds of minerals to the mothers and the babies for brain, physical and mental development. Mothers who take spirulina are unlikely to have jaundice among the babies.

Since the custom of giving large iron supplements to pregnant women has been established, there has been an increase in jaundice of the newborn. It has been observed that women who didn’t take iron supplements during pregnancy have healthy babies that don’t develop jaundice. I have suggested that this could be because they haven’t been poisoned by iron. On the other hand, the iron content found in the spirulina is synergized together with other phytonutrients without burdening the babies’ liver and they are sufficient for bother mothers and babies without poisoning the latter.

Therefore, a mother is able to consume 10 tablets x 3 times of spirulina daily to maintain a healthy growth of a baby.

Be healthy and happy.

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