DXN Australia Member Registration


New members could join online via the link: http://www.dxnaus.com.au/registration/registration.php

Sponsor code: 064734921MARK CIPRES TACORDA
Orders can be made online, through email or over the phone by calling the Australian office. Postage within Australia is a flat rate $9.90 ($7.70 for online orders).

And as you live in Australia, you also have the possibility to have a homepage like this:


After you will get your DXN ID, you can apply for it too, and you can use this homepage in your country.

Here is the Australian online registration, go to the website: http://www.dxnaus.com.au/

And you can see almost at the bottom:

Choose from our 3 Membership Packs

1. dxn aus Kits_aKIT A  Basic Pack  – AU$27.50

Membership Folder + Ganozhi Toothpaste


dxn aus Kits_b2. KIT B – AU$104.50

Health Pack
Membership Folder, Toothpaste +
RG 90 and GL 90

dxn aus Kits_b3.KIT C – AU$110.50

Family Pack
Membership Folder, Toothpaste +
RG & GL 30, Oil, Shampoo, Black Coffee, RGT & Soap

coffee member pack - dxn australiaNew! COFFEE MEMBER PACK




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Sponsor code: 064734921 (MARK CIPRES TACORDA)