New application deadline: 20 may 2015, Wednesday, 12: 00 pm!

You can also visit the DXN Farm!

DXN in accordance with the Malaysian Centre for Europe travel promotion of the Hungarian, for our employees!

Promotion terms and conditions:

  1. the promotion is available only to registered staff who participate in 2015. 15 July, at least Star Agent level you have, and have not participated in a special trip in Malaysia, organized by DXN.
  2. 2015. 07.15-up to join the Club to Privileg 300PV. (That is, by 31 May to 30 June and 15 July, every month to meet the 300 PV personal point value.) In addition, you should maintain the Privilege Club membership is August and September months. 15 September to 31 August,/Vagyis, again fulfilling the 300 PV personal point value.
  3. The promotion of participating Member shall be at his own expense to buy the roundtrip airline tickets to Malaysia.
  4. expected date of travel month of October or September 2015.
    Planned program: one day Kuala Lumpur sightseeing, a day visit to DXN and two days of rest, Spa, álomszigetén.
    DXN Europe Ltd. is assumed by the Malaysian costs, which includes accommodation, meals and local travel costs.
  5. It is important, in accordance with the original launch in 2015. 15 May 10 for the first time gained the right to travel of members, provided that all the terms of the tender are fully complied with.
    The other 15 travelers on our staff with respect to the deadline of 2015. On May 20. Wednesday 12: 00!
    The trip on condition that has changed to + 15 utazónál the order does not apply, but the time will decide that by 2015. on May 1, 2015. the date of 15 July, to whom much of the progress made in their own worth, the total of 300 PPV-s in addition to the existence of conditions Privileg Club!!
  6. the journey a DXN shall be entitled to only one person code, shall be subject to the conditions, if any, regardless of the multiple.
    Spouse/domestic partner travel for nothing, but all costs shall be borne in full by the traveler, according to preliminary calculations, which, together with the expected flight of 1000-1200 euros.
    To complete the terms and get on with the Malaysia starting from boarding a plane and visit the DXN farm!