300PPV Privilege Club

The DXN 300PPV Privilege Club has been set up! Become a club member and enjoy
the advantages of the membership!

300PPVCLUB.01How Can You Join The 300PPV Club?

All you have to do is to purchase for at least 300PPV every month.
You will automatically become a member if you fulfill this condition in three consecutive months.
To maintain your membership 300PPV monthly purchase is required.

300PPVCLUB.03What specific advantages I’ll be granted, if I am the member of the
DXN 300PPV Club?

  • DXN will provide a unique collection of items such as pins, key chain, caps, mugs, etc…
    which will be provided to club members at periodic intervals for free of charge or on a
    discounted price.
    For example:
    Members maintaining 300PPV in February, March and April, a unique pin and
    certificate will be awarded tin the month of May 2015.
  • Unique product promotions.
  • Unique discounts.
    For example:
    A special discount will be provided on the participation fee of the
    III. European Leadership Camp in Barcelona.
  • Testing of New DXN products, which will be available later on the European market.
  • Publication in the intranet and in the new european magazine of DXN in May.
    The collection and the advantages will be continuously extended by DXN.

Can I Join The DXN 300PPV Club?

Yes, you automatically join anytime, when you had 300PPV in the previous consecutive  three months.

What Happens, If I A Already A Club Member, But I Didn’t Buy The 300PPV In One Month?

In this case your club membership will be cancelled and an again a three consecutive months of 300PPV purchase is required to regain the club membership.