Ganoderma…It Works, But No One Knows How!

g2_s_newGanoderma works for not one health issue, but multiple. From Allergy to Zoster (Herpes) it can be used!

My business partner he was couldn’t accept and believe. Such empirical statements didn’t appeal to him. They may be good for creating some hype about a product. But for confident consumption and effective promotion such stale statements don’t work. As a professionally trained Ganoderma network marketer for over 7 years, his curiosity was to know fully about the product, its functioning, course correction properties, ADRs (Adverse Drug Reactions), concentration at sites (organs), dosing, duration, starting age for consumption, safety during pregnancy, cross chemical reactions with drugs, side effects and so on. When my friend asked about the mode of action in the human body, the curt reply was,


These were statements not from some ordinary person, but from qualified medical doctors.
They were honest in their statements though. But they were getting positive results in their patients on clinical examination!

Patients suffering from asthma for years on end, using multiple medicines had reported classical asthmatic symptoms disappearing; patient did not have nocturnal (night time) wheezing, quality sleep improvement and so on.

Patients with severe joint pain reported that they were able to climb the stairs with much ease without considerable pain.

People with constipation saying they had better bowel movements.

Patients with migraine saying their frequency of attack were reduced and they experienced spaced episodes of attack.

Some ladies reported change in their irregular monthly periods.

The list was increasing.

Like he was curious to know more on the subject, these doctors also became curious as they were getting results, but did not know how.

 Everyone started to learn. So did I.

16 years are over in Philippines, 7 years in Europe & 21 years all over the world for DXN Ganoderma. Today we can share the knowledge with everyone as to how, and what in Ganoderma works in the human body.

Are you ready to learn?

It will benefit you and through you to so many people.

It will be a great service you will do to people.

 Are you ready to serve?ako speakerAre You Ready To Start DXN Business?


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