How To Build Network Marketing Leaders

In this issue …

  1. It is your sponsor’s fault.
  2. It was my fault … totally.
  3. It is not your fault.

– – – – – –

It is your sponsor’s fault.

Success or failure?

If it is your sponsor’s responsibility whether you succeed or fail, then you must at least give your sponsor the authority to control every aspect of your life, right?

Since we certainly don’t want our sponsor controlling our actions and dictating exactly what we do every day, we can’t hold our sponsor responsible for our results.

– – – – – –

It was my fault … totally.

Many years ago, a lady embarrassed me at my Business Opportunity Meeting presentation.

However, she made a great point that I took to heart.

I was doing my B.O.M. I thought the BOM seminar was going well, but there was one big problem.

In the front row sat a very, a guy and his friend. The guy was sleeping. But it got worse. He began snoring loudly.

I tried to be diplomatic, so I quietly asked his friend, “Your friend is snoring and disturbing the rest of the group. Would you mind waking him up?”

She replied: “You wake him up. You put him to sleep!”

Ouch. She was right. I was responsible for his sleeping and snoring – and I didn’t take personal responsibility for my actions. I wanted somebody else to fix things for me.

Sound familiar?

Do you have distributors who want you to lower the prices, to move the meetings nearer, to make the prospects more receptive, and to do all the work for them?

Teach them about personal responsibility. Remind them often.

Hey, even I forget.

– – – – – –

It is not your fault.

Are you tired of your distributors blaming you for their lack of success?

Want to get your distributors to take personal responsibility for their success?

Simply say this to your new distributors:

“If you go out there and become a huge success in this business, it will not be because of me, it will be because of you.

“And, if you go out there and fail in this business, it will not be because of me, it will be because of you.”

– – – – – –

So how do I get my distributors to be leaders?

The big secret is to change how they think. You can’t fix every problem they will encounter in life, so you have to teach them how to think for themselves.

Want an easy way to do this?

Have your downline read this book and see the difference in how they react and overcome the problems on their way to the top. Leaders are everything if you want to build a huge business.

How To Build Network Marketing Leaders – Step-by-Step Creation of MLM Professionals.

How To Attract Thousands Of INTERESTED Customers and Prospects Willing To Buy Your Products and Join Your NETWORK MARKETING and Online Business Using the POWER of Internet.

Want to develop and improve your skills?

Simply join our learning COMMUNITY.

Get your business problems sorted out and build faster now.

mark c. tacorda

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