Why disease rate keeps climbing up even with medical advancement?

Have you ever wonder… with improvement in medical field and better lifestyle, we should have a longer and healthier life. However, the reverse is true. Cancer rate keeps climbing year by year. Childhood disease keeps increasing year by year.

What is going wrong here? Well, the answer is simple. Most of us is having:

  • unhealthy diet
  • unhealthy lifestyle
  • and unhealthy emotion

You simply cannot improve your health with medicine or even Ganoderma herb if you keep indulging in unhealthy food or get angry often. That’s why disease rate keep increasing.

You may also carry on with these unhealthy habits everyday without knowing it. The worse part is, some patient with terminal disease still don’t understand why they get the disease in the first place.

Who is responsible for your health?

Actually, you are responsible for your health, not your doctor. With my FREE Newsletter, you’ll find the answer to your long term health. In this monthly newsletter, you’ll learn:

  • how to improve your emotional health with inspiring stories
  • how to improve your health with simple lifestyle changes
  • which food to avoid and which food to take more for health

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