Madam Jane Yau

I am a State Rigistered Nurse (SRN); State Certified Midwife (SCM) trained in UK. I am also a Public Health Nurse (PHN) trained in Malaysia.

Working experience in nursing field since 1976:

1. Oncology Nursing in the UK
2. Maternal and Child health
3. Health Education
4. Integrated Preventive Health and Nutrition

I have been practicing DXN Ganotherapy since 2001. I completed my studies in a post-graduate program on Preventive Health and Nutrition in 2012 to upgrade my knowledge and I believe learning is a long-term process.

Today, I am a wellness and disease management expert. JaneGano is an company that helps people who are ill to regain their health and teach healthy people how to upkeep their wellness level.

JaneGano’s Missions and Visions:

Knowledge on Ganoderma is my Confidence in practicing Ganotherapy for 12 years.
Our experience in Ganotherapy practice is my wisdom today.
Our mission is to weave a network in Ganotherapy to save mankind from degenerative diseases and improve their quality of life.
We need to create health awareness to prevent pre-matured death.
Together we can map out ignorance, map out disease!

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